27th Stralsund SpringSchool

27th Stralsund SpringSchool

November 28, 2018 0 By Stralsund University of Applied Sciences

The 27th STRALSUND SPRINGSCHOOL will be held in the time from
1st till 12th of April in 2019.

FUSES 2019
based on renewables, energy efficiency and sector coupling using
hydrogen technology:

  • Conversion and decarbonisation of power flows into sustainable energy and material cycles
  • Use of renewable energy and feeding in of volatile – green – power into the smart grids of the future
  • Storage technologies for electric, heating/cooling and transport systems
  • The role, production and use of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier inside ptx technologies
  • Fuel cells – perfect converters for a better energy/exergy relation
  • Efficient conversion technologies for mobility / heat and power supply like drives, heat pumps…
  • Integration and efficient use of bio- and waste energy

In addition to the lectures we want to include our laboratory program and we will visit the Hanover Fair Industry 2019 as the biggest industrial fair in the first week of the programme (Friday, 5th of April 2019).



The participation is free of fees.
Students can use our Students Guest House (max. 35 students, double rooms as standard).

So students have to finance by themselves:

  • trip to Stralsund and back,
  • daily meals (mensa and supermarket),
  • 150,– Euro for accommodation (31st of March – 12/13th of April).

It would be nice, if the students in addition to their private money
could get (small) financial support for travel and daily
meals/accommodation costs from their home universities.

With the experience of the last years we limit the number of students per university to five.
If universities give us the information, that they cannot participate with five students,
we will balance the number of (additional) participants from your universities with our
accommodation volume after some steps in detail.

Please inform your colleagues and those for international affairs. It
would be nice, if you can give us a feedback as soon as possible because of the limited accomodation places.
(It would be helpful until the end of January 2019.)