Demo Boat Workshop and International e-Mobility Conference relation from the event

The international water e-mobility conference took place in Yacht Klub Polski in Szczecin on 16 and 17 October 2019. The conference participants were presented with the outcomes of analyses of sales and supply markets for Germany, Poland and Lithuania (and other Baltic States). It was an opportunity to discuss the market potentials, conditions and niches for e-mobility on water in different countries of the Baltic Sea.

ELMAR Market Analysis for Germany

We have a pleasure to present the analysis of the market conditions for the development of the supply-chain of the electric water mobility. The market report constitutes one of the important milestones of ELMAR project, assumed in the project plan. Market analyses for other partner countries – Poland and Lithuania are currently in the process of elaboration.

ELMAR project study visit to Austria – South Germany – Switzerland „Electric boats on inland waterways”. 10 -12 September 2019 - Updated

During 9 - 13 September 2019, Partners of the ELMAR project consortium and guests from e-mobility interest groups had the opportunity to participate in in a three day study trip in the D-A-CH region, exploring companies involved in production of waterborne e-mobility technologies.

“REGWA Symposium”, 6-8 November 2019, Stralsund, Germany

ELMAR project partner – University of Applied Sciences Stralsund (HOST) in cooperation with the Institute for Renewable Energy Systems (iRES) cordially invites the companies, researchers and students to participate in REGWA (REGenerative Energien und WAsserstofftechnologie) Symposium, to be held on 6-8 of November 2019.

GREEN BOATS - Process of boat retrofiting Part 1

For the purpose of the ELMAR project PP GREEN BOATS has begun to retrofit and electrify an old lifeboat for recreational e-mobility demonstration purpose.

ELMAR Demo Boat Workshop and International e-Mobility Conference

ELMAR demo boat workshop and international e-mobility conference Szczecin/ PL 16-17 October 2019